Selection Hemp  

Selection Hemp   – is a selective seed-production enterprise which specializes in high-yielding industrial hemp varieties development and reproduction in different areas of usage.

The enterprise has a high scientific capability to resolve these issues.

Nowadays hemp breeders do fiber improvement and plants biomass gain. In the long term researches will address such current issues as high-oleic monoecioushemp varieties breeding; with high cannabis compounds concentration in medical area of usage (with tetrahydrocannabinol absence); with high seed production. The main biological characteristic of these hemp varieties is a full social security – drug freeness.

All breeding methods are based on recent developments with the usage of hybridization, cannabis-compounds content estimation, characteristic’s improvement, fixation and stabilization selection in the hemp varieties seedage process.


Selection Hemp is open for cooperation by such areas of activity:


  • Drug-free monoecious hemp variety breeding under the task
  • High-oleic hemp varieties breeding
  • High seed production hemp varieties breeding
  • High fiber variety breeding
  • The breeding of a drug-free hemp variety with high cannabinol concentration
  • Primary seed breading of the varieties, putted on the State register of plant varieties suitable for dissemination in Canada, China, Australia, countries of European Community
  • Industrial hemp cultivation advisory services