The text of the document focuses attention of politicians on the need to develop reasonable legislation on non-psychotic cannabinoids, in particular cannabidiol extracts, and the possibility of their widespread use as a dietary supplement or as safe pharmaceutical preparations


A few years ago, the most highly profitable agricultural products in Israel were vegetables and greens. To date, the palm tree of profitability in the agricultural sector of the country is undoubtedly the hemp


The resulting footwear has all the advantages of hemp fiber products - strength, anti-allergy, antiseptic, breathing ability and maintain a comfortable temperature of the leg during the hot and cold season


In addition to agricultural producers and processors of hemp raw materials, representatives of several universities working in the processing of hemp fiber expressed their desire to participate in the Round Table, as well as a number of companies and individuals specializing in investment activities in the field of national and international cannabisry


One of the Australian companies specializing in the production of medical products and cosmetics announced in the media about the completion of negotiations and the signing of appropriate agreements for the supply of hemp-based pharmaceuticals to Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia


Since August of this year, fewer than 100 doctors in Israel will be able to provide recipients to them with recipes for receiving psychoactive hemp from the specialized medical establishments created for this purpose


At the level of the relevant regulatory legal acts, tetrahydrocannabinol has been moved from the list of "Especially dangerous psychotropic substances whose turnover is prohibited" to the list of "Psychotropic substances whose turnover is limited"


Building materials based on cannabis can perfectly cope with air ventilation in the room (breathe), on the other hand they work as a thermos - in the summer they keep cool inside the house, and in winter it is warm. Building mixtures using hemp ingredients are not affected by pathogens, fungi and bacteria. The simplicity of making the majority of construction materials on hemp basis allows them to be produced at home, thus enabling agricultural producers to obtain additional profit by cooperating with construction companies using hemp-based construction materials in their professional activities


Almost all cannabinoids contained in cannabis (CBD, CBN, CBG) have an excellent therapeutic effect and are actively used by individual economically developed countries as anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, anticonvulsants, and as a basis for medications that alleviate pain


Hemp raw material contains up to 85% of cellulose, whereas in wood its quantity, as a rule, reaches only 30%