The Australian Government has announced the establishment of a national system of licensing and regulation of the cultivation of medical cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes.

This measure will save the Australian states and territories of the need to change the regional legislation, media reported with reference to the Minister of Health of Australia Sussan Ley (Sussan Ley). The federal government will work all regulatory aspects of the cultivation of psychoactive hemp for medical purposes on the national circuit.

This decision was taken in consultation with state and territory governments and law enforcement agencies that were held during the past month. The bill will be submitted for consideration at the first session of Parliament in 2016 to its amendments have been considered in full in the next few months.

"Controlled cultivation of cannabis will ensure the future of Australian patients legal safe medicinal products based on it," - said Ms. Lei.

She noted that the creation of a single national legal system regulating the cultivation of psychoactive hemp instead of eight individual measures for different regions of the country will not only help to speed up the legislative process, but ultimately will facilitate access to medicines from cannabis to patients. This will also provide certainty Australia under the adopted amendments to the international obligations of the United Nations Single Convention on psychoactive substances and drugs of 1961, Lei added.

Leigh explained that the national system is not related to the decriminalization of marijuana for recreational use, this issue remains the competence of the law enforcement agencies of states and territories.

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In October 2015, the Australian Government announced that it intends to legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes to provide assistance to people suffering from serious illnesses.

Several states have already launched clinical trials of medicinal cannabis. For example, the government of New South Wales has allocated $ 9 million for clinical trials and another 12 million to create a center for research of medical cannabis.