One of the Australian companies specializing in the production of medical products and cosmetics announced in the media about the completion of negotiations and the signing of appropriate agreements for the supply of hemp-based pharmaceuticals to Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia.
It has been announced that active phytocannabinoid ingredients will be supplied to the above countries via the Slovenian distributor.
Despite the fact that in 2016 in Croatia the mechanism of patients' use of psychoactive hemp for the treatment of a number of severe, including chronic diseases, has been regulated at the legislative level, recipes for the use of psychoactive hemp or medicines based on it have not yet been issued in the country. The instruction developed by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Croatia allows you to buy needy patients for this to 0.75 grams of tetrahydrocannabinol for a month for use during treatment. Despite the fact that in Slovenia and Bosnia such regulations are not developed, the above Australian company is allowed to sell cannabinoid products on the territory of the above-mentioned countries of the Balkan Peninsula.
Comments of the Association "Ukrainian technical hemp"
The company that entered into contracts for the supply of pharmaceuticals on hemp basis, was organized in 2014 in Australian Perth by several Israeli manufacturers of psychoactive hemp. In 2016, cooperating with cannabisers from Slovenia, the first test harvest was obtained in the republic. In the capital of the country, Ljubljana has built facilities for the production of various products containing cannabidiol, including cosmetic preparations prepared using CBD.

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