Currently, about 1,000 people in Germany require prescriptions for psychoactive cannabis in treating a number of serious, including chronic diseases.
Last week, the Federal Assembly of the Federal Republic Germany unanimously decided to legalize the use of psychoactive cannabis for medical purposes.
This legal act was adopted, including those based on the experience gained by physicians of the country, using the therapeutic properties of cannabis over the last few years. For example, only the first six months of 2016 the Federal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products (Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte, BfArM) appointed as a pharmacological agent for more than 60 kg psychoactive hemp need the citizens of Germany.
According to the accepted regulatory legal act, already in 2017 prescriptions for the use of medical cannabis will be able to prescribe physicians at all levels. Accordingly acquire psychoactive hemp on these recipes will be available in all pharmacies in the country. Already, we can assume that the system is the use of therapeutic cannabis for medical purposes will eventually be integrated into the health insurance system. Thus, after a not very long period of time, German patients will not buy hemp therapeutic agent for its own funds, and the financial costs will fall on the German insurance system.
Another positive aspect associated with the adoption of the aforementioned legal act, a significant reduction in terms of prescriptions for the purchase of therapeutic cannabis. Prior to the adoption of the Bundestag law permitting the medical use of psychoactive cannabis, the process of obtaining the relevant recipes German patients over several weeks. According to the adopted in the framework of the provisions of the law, is now a mechanism for taking or not taking a decision on the medical staff the possibility of the use of cannabis for the treatment of certain types of diseases should not exceed 3 days.
The head of the Federal German Ministry of Health (Bundesministerium für Gesundheit, BMG) Herman Gray stressed that the new law should greatly facilitate the access of German patients to therapeutic cannabis. However, government officials have to implement a number of measures aimed at creating a legal and regulatory framework governing the cultivation, transportation and storage of psychoactive cannabis used for medical purposes. To this end, the structure of the German state apparatus specialized state agency should be created. At this point, psychoactive hemp used for the treatment of patients of the German import from abroad, even though this market is already of considerable interest to the German pharmaceutical companies.
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At the moment, the German patients suffering from various types of neurodegenerative diseases or cancer, doctors can prescribe any psychoactive hemp dried flowers or a plant extract. In Germany, it provides the ability to monitor patients using psychoactive properties of cannabis for the purpose of studying the impact of plants on the course of the disease and stroke patient's recovery. According to estimates of the German experts currently about 1,000 people in Germany require prescriptions for psychoactive cannabis in treating a number of serious, including chronic diseases.

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