Hemp fabric has a huge number of useful properties: convenience, practicality, durability, resistance to frost. And she hemp, if still do not know, a medicinal plant.

First, it delays the ultraviolet radiation, so detrimental to the skin, almost completely - 95%, in contrast to cotton that delays of 30 to 60% of the sun's harmful rays. That is why the inhabitants of Australia, living under the ozone layer, prefer hemp textiles. By the way, according to many distributors of hemp products, hemp is the best fabric is produced in Australia. According to them, other brands - French, American and Dutch - processed hemp fiber in China, which then otshivayut clothes. And the Chinese have much less experience in dealing with cannabis, compared with the Australians, so the fabric is a more rough.

According to Russian merchants hemp products, it is a stereotype. "Today, the kind of hemp, which is suitable to generate tissue grown solely in China. Therefore, it would be strange if the processing, production, dressing and tailoring placed somewhere else. Just Australians in China monitor the quality better than the Americans. That's the whole difference. " According to them, apart from the Australians quality clothing provide the French, the Dutch and the British, for example, the Italian Giorgio Armani fashion-sewing excellent collection of hemp.

Another advantage of hemp fabric is that it is hypoallergenic. The fact that the growing hemp pesticides are not used, unlike cotton, which maintains more than 50% of chemicals (half of pesticides sprayed in the United States, cotton leaves). Hemp - undemanding plant that does not require intensive care during growth. In addition, where hemp grows, trees and shrubs are not infected, and infections do not survive pests. Therefore, the chemicals are not needed. This is another reason why hemp clothing is popular not only among young people, who loves to dress in ethnic style. Her love and people aged 30-60 years who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Doctors also note the positive psychological and physical effects of clothing from hemp, which is associated with a beneficial effect on the nervous system through contact with exocrine glands tissue. By the way, at a constant wear fabric becomes more active and retains the ability to carry out the beneficial properties of cannabis.

Thirdly, hemp fabric has termoregulyativnymi properties. The porosity of hemp fibers allows tissue better absorb moisture and, therefore, loss of color in the wash minimal. It also enables the body to "breathe" during the intense heat, keeping cool, and avoid hypothermia during the cold season. Notes the particular frost Dutch winter coats made of hemp, "They kept forty-degree frost and are ideal for chilly weather."

In addition, hemp fabrics, as well as other natural fabrics, it is very pleasing to the body, but unlike the others is very strong, never electrified and does not crumple. Because of these properties of hemp clothes are very fond of the people involved in sports, especially - martial arts and spiritual practices.