A new research center was opened at the Jerusalem Jewish University, the main purpose of which is to conduct and coordinate the study of cannabis and its biological properties, taking into account the possibility of commercial use of the plant in the economically developed countries of the world.
Leading scientists and specialists in the field, including Rafael Meshulam (founding father of the study of the therapeutic properties of cannabis), were invited to work at the University's multi-disciplinary center in Jerusalem.
The multidisciplinary center has become the most wide-ranging scientific and methodical site for studying cannabis in the world, bringing together 27 scientists from Jerusalem's Hebrew University and the Hadassah affiliated medical center, as well as specialists in the field of nanotenology, and studying the mechanisms of the painful centers of the brain.
A fundamental approach to researching various spectrums of activities related to cannabis includes work in agriculture, chemistry, logistics, pharmacology. This multifaceted hemp research center unites representatives of science, manufacturers, processors, businesses interested in promoting technology and hemp products around the world.
A month before the opening, the Center financed projects to study "Kanabinoids as an analgesic for craniocerebral trauma," and "On the Potential of Using the CBC-Receptor in Combating Certain Types of Oncological Diseases."
The staff of the research center has already established cooperation with scientists from Australia by signing a memorandum of understanding with the so-called Lambert Initiative research group working at the Medical Research Center at the University of Sydney.
According to Mr. Meshulam, "Modulating endocannabinoid activity has a therapeutic potential with a large number of human diseases, so the study of cannabinoids can lead to very significant achievements not only in fundamental science, but also in therapy. The multidisciplinary center considers several aspects in this promising area, for example, the possibility of treating cancer, various types of injuries (including the head), types of addictions, obesity, etc. ".

Information taken from the site http://tku.org.ua