Belgian manufacturer of hemp products Pur Chanvre, trying to reach a wider audience of consumers, "launched the" Retail sales increase in technology by establishing points of sale of their products at the entrance of supermarkets.
Surprised Belgian buyer to the seller explains why seeds, flour, hemp oil is so beneficial to the human body. The potential buyer explain that hemp - a traditional food, which has a thousand years of the world and Belgian history, which is rich in non-fatty amino acids (omega-3 and omega-6) are ideal for the human body proportions, as well as minerals and trace elements that are vital for the human body .
Head of the company Robetr Mason argues that "even though not as rapid development of the business of hemp compared to other countries in Europe, in the Belgian grocery stores in 2-3 years will be extremely shelves with foods from hemp seeds."
Comment of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"
PurChanvre - manufactures and sells a variety of hemp products from hemp seeds, hemp oilin particular flour meal, cake and concentrate. Since 2012, agricultural division PurChanvre received the status of farms engaged in organic farming. In 2015, the company's crop area was 400 hectares, the cultivation of industrial hemp produced in the Wallonia region. Besides food, the production capacity of the company provide the production of thermal insulation panels, enjoying great demand in the European Union market.