Unskilled actions by the Office of the US Drug Enforcement can lead to the disappearance of inappropriate market a whole range of food products and cosmetics associated with them beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids, including cannabidiol.
Industrial Hemp Association (Hemp Industries Association, HIA) of the USA has published its position in relation to the decision of the Drug Enforcement Administration (Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA), aiming at the establishment of new codes, the codes similar drugs for beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids.
In particular, US prompted specialists DEA cannabidiol and other cannabinoids beznarkoticheskie resulting from extraction of cannabis classified as "cannabis extract". In view of the above, the Office of the US Drug Enforcement requires the introduction of separate identification of distinctive cannabis and cannabinoids beznarkoticheskih asserts the need to monitor their employees with DEA ​​at the level of other forms of marijuana. Representatives of the US DEA continue to maintain an extremely controversial assertion that cannabinoid products are illegal because they are one of the varieties of marijuana, and the Controlled Substances Act (Controlled Substances Act, CSA) US still considers beznarkoticheskie cannbinoids, including cannabidiol to "particularly dangerous narcotic drugs, turnover of which is prohibited."
According to the specialists of the profile of the American Association of growers, the adoption of any legal acts in respect beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids derived from cannabis is not within the jurisdiction of the United States the DEA, as the Drug Enforcement Administration can not in itself change or add provisions relating to controlled substances . Adding products manufactured using cannabidiol (CBD) in the table of controlled substances require the creation of separate legal norms, passed the registration procedure, as well as approval by the US Congress at a separate presentation of the Prosecutor General of the country, offering to make changing the law on controlled substances. In addition, employees of the US DEA decision is based on an incorrect and incomplete understanding of how they are obtained beznarkoticheskie cannabinoids cannabis. For example, cannabidiol may be extracted from a cannabis forms containing a significant amount of tetrahydrocannabinol and technical grades of corresponding legal regulations and containing less than 0.3% THC by dry weight and are at present already are legally grown in 32 states of the USA . Accordingly, not all products manufactured with the use of cannabidiol, should be qualified as extracts of marijuana. Subjects related to the use of other beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids in the industrial sector is similar.
According to the executive director of the HIA Stiinstra Eric (Eric Steenstra) «It is important to understand that invented the Office of the US Drug Enforcement limits the legal status of the CBD does not change the position of the products obtained with the use of cannabidiol extracts. CBD is not in the list of controlled substances, and the DEA has no authority to interfere with the production, processing or sale of products of industrial hemp. This thesis, including based on the provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity products. That is why we call on producers and consumers of products using beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids do not panic and continue to support the growth of the US hemp industry. "
US Industrial Hemp Association experts say that products with cannabidiol should be legally defined as a separate product, but not a drug or drugs to be monitored by the Office of the US Drug Enforcement. Invented US DEA restrictions associated with cannabinoids beznarkoticheskimi create confusion in the market among the legal business dealing in the US konoplevodstvom and end users. Such unqualified actions of the Office of the US Drug Enforcement can lead to the disappearance of inappropriate market a whole range of food and cosmetic products associated with them beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids, including cannabidiol.
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