Quit with the petition to the relevant public authorities on the need for further harmonization of the legal framework of industrial hemp cultivation with international norms aimed at regulatory support use of leaves and inflorescences of industrial hemp for industrial purposes.
As previously reported in the pages of the electronic edition of profile Ukrainian growers, on October 26-27 V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovations in flax growing and konoplevodstve - 2016". During an international conference of the Ukrainian participants of the event, China and Lithuania are certain decisions that are reflected in the relevant decision was taken. In order to display the essence of the received document, publish individual items relating to the further development of specific areas of Ukrainian konoplevodstva.
1. Hemp and flax are crops that have a broad scope of use in various industries. The fiber hemp and flax are used for the manufacture of technical fabrics and twisted products and a wide range of household textiles and knitwear, of which produce hundreds of items of clothing, shoes, household goods. Consumers of natural fibers is the automotive industry and aircraft. Hemp seed - a bank with a unique nutritional value of proteins. Hemp seed oil - only from natural oils, which in itself includes the optimal (3: 1) ratio of linoleic acid and linolenovanu. In addition, hemp seeds - wonderful fodder for livestock, poultry and fish. For the needs of the construction, furniture and other industries of the EU countries are increasingly using biomaterials and composites of plant origin, which include fiber flax and hemp. Pellets from wood pellets can replace bonfires hemp and flax, as their calorific value is at the level of coal. From hemp biomass can produce a quantity of methane and methanol, which is almost 90% will provide electricity to the world. Cellulose fibers of hemp is widely used in Europe, USA and other countries. Bonfire fiber crops is an excellent absorbent and is the perfect bedding for horses, as well as a good compost for mushrooms. In medicine, use long dovhunets flax and hemp are only now beginning to find application. Oil additives fiber crops in a variety of cosmetic products has a positive effect on the nutrition and hydration of the human skin. Hemp is a valuable crop in ecological and agronomic terms, it can be grown in monoculture and without the use of pesticides. Hemp and flax crops are non-waste, and therefore the more goods are produced, the higher the profitability of their production. In addition, due to the unique properties of consumer products and flax konoplevodstva enjoys in the world of unlimited demand.
2. Institute of Bast Crops NAAS is the only institution in Ukraine, which conducts research on konoplevodstva problems, the basic organization for standardization of bast crops and the coordinator of the Program for Scientific Research "Bast culture", which carried out a study on five academic institutions. It is carried out by highly complex support sectors, starting with the creation adapted to the modern requirements of the production of varieties of flax and hemp, and ending with the development of technologies in-depth processing bast-fiber materials and methods for its objective evaluation, completing 16 tasks of the four programs of scientific research HAAH.
5. To study the global experience in the production and use of all types of products and flax konoplevodstva, as well as regulations for their widespread introduction in the domestic production.
6. Intensify research on the problems of the zonal and regional systems of cultivation of flax and hemp varieties and agronomic practices adopted for production use, paying close attention to the protection of ecologically oriented fiber crops from pests, diseases and weeds, the scientific rationale for the inclusion in the modern crop rotation flax -dolguntsa and hemp. Schedule research on organic farming for the production konoplevodstva and flax, suitable for use in the food industry, pharmacy, cosmetics and the like, where the priority is its environmental friendliness.
7. Increase the amount and extend the areas of work on the deep processing of bast crops, in line with the experience of the formation of investment-attractive companies with a complete new type of cycle use hemp raw materials that ensure the production of products with new consumer and functional properties, and will help to expand the scope of their use , increasing the attractiveness of sectors and interest investment structures.
8. To consider a priority and to provide comprehensive support for research on the creation of non-narcotic hemp varieties with a high content of CBD, using the experience gained over the years of breeding work at the Institute, which will contribute to the consolidation of Ukraine's leading position in the world by selecting fiber crops.
9. To investigate the economic feasibility of using lno- and hemp production as rapidly renewable energy sources to provide consumers with alternative energy sources.
11. Ensure that:
- Objective coverage of the broad scope of the possible use of hemp raw materials and ensure all areas relevant varietal composition of fiber crops, technology of cultivation (adaptation of science-based crop rotations in modern conditions of production), acquisition (with the maximum involvement of general purpose machinery) and processing (production of innovative products - semi-finished products for the food, construction and other industries);
- Further development of international links with research institutions, public and private enterprises for the production and processing of flax and hemp in order to consolidate the domestic high-tech products fiber crops on the international market innovations;
- Bringing innovation to consumers received, strengthening their distribution in the media, at exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars, trainings, round tables, etc .;
- Development of innovative competitive products business projects of flax and hemp in order to attract investors and cooperation with them;
- Scientific and methodological guidance of growing seeds of flax and hemp and the domestic breeding of agricultural producers meet the needs of Ukraine in the seed, fiber crops.
12. Exit from the application to the relevant public authorities on the need for further harmonization of the legal framework of industrial hemp cultivation with international norms aimed at regulatory support use of leaves and inflorescences of industrial hemp for industrial purposes.
13. Continue to work on further improvement of normative - legal base in the direction of deregulation of economic activities related to the cultivation of industrial hemp cultivation technology.


Information taken from the site http://tku.org.ua