A few years ago, the most highly profitable agricultural products in Israel were vegetables and greens. To date, the palm of profitability in the agricultural industry of the country, undoubtedly, is hemp.
The use of psychoactive cannabis in Israel has its history since the early 1990s, when in some clinics the first experiments were conducted to study the effectiveness of the use of plants for the treatment of certain types of diseases. Officially, the permission to use therapeutic cannabis in the medical field was provided by the state in 1996. That is why the Israeli program on the use of psychoactive hemp for medical purposes is the longest and most extensive.
The foundation for the possibility of using cannabis for medical purposes has been research that has been carried out by Rafael Meshulam since the 1960s. In his laboratory, tetrahydrocannabinol was first synthesized, followed by several cannabinoids, which were carefully studied and their effects on the human body determined. It is thanks to the work of Mr. Meshulam that Israel today is the leader in the field of the application of cannabis in medicine.
Studies of Israeli scientists have become the basis for the emergence of an entire industry aimed at using the therapeutic properties of cannabis for the treatment of various ailments of the human body. Companies specializing in the use of psychoactive hemp in Israel are already over 500. A feature of the country's cannabis cultivation is that the producers of Israeli hemp raw materials can be counted on the fingers on both hands, since this activity is strictly regulated. Authorization documentation is issued by the Ministry of Health of Israel. Undisputed criteria for companies specializing in the cultivation of psychoactive hemp are the experience of growing, the safety of planting (greenhouses are under round-the-clock protection) and the final product, quality.
Selection of therapeutic varieties of cannabis is conducted in Israel, Spain, the USA, the Netherlands. The emphasis is not necessarily on the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol in the plant. Selection is conducted in the direction of obtaining a stable amount in the plant of certain cannabinoids - cannabidiol, cannabinol, cannabichromen, etc. The grown raw material is transferred for processing and carrying out various kinds of experiments to hundreds of small companies specializing in the processing of hemp raw materials in Israel. Given the fact that hemp feels great in the hot climate of the country, the cost of growing a plant is reduced to paying for the cost of water, building a greenhouse, protecting, buying seeds and fertilizers.
Trying to meet the rush demand for hemp raw materials, Israeli Ministry of Health officials decided to allow the cultivation of psychoactive hemp by another 26 entrepreneurs.


Comments of the Association "Ukrainian technical hemp"
The use of therapeutic hemp for medical purposes at the level of regulatory legal acts is already allowed in more than 30 countries. According to Israeli analysts, the growth of the therapeutic hemp market over the next 3-5 years will be 500-700%. At the moment, the main consumer and manufacturer of therapeutic hemp in the world is the United States (more than 50% of the global market). In spite of this, Israel remains the center of research on the therapeutic properties of the plant. The country is carrying out more than 120 projects aimed at studying the possibility of treating medical cannabis of autism, epilepsy, psoriasis, pain relief, etc. Analysts of the Israeli market of medical cannabis argue that only in 2017, American companies will finance Israeli research on the use of therapeutic cannabis for more than $ 100 million, and in 2018-1919. Investments in this sphere will amount to about one billion dollars.
The experience of manufacturers of psychoactive hemp in Germany is interesting. Taking into account the mandatory condition of the country's legislation on granting a license exclusively to structures that have experience of cultivation of psychoactive hemp, applications for such kind of permits are filed mostly by Israeli companies. Israeli businessmen working in the field of cultivation of psychoactive hemp claim that in several countries they "helped to prepare" legal acts aimed at using cannabis in the medical field. In particular, it is asserted that the Israeli companies are actively lobbying for their advancement in Germany, South Africa (it is planned in the near future to adopt an appropriate legal framework regulating the use of cannabis for medical purposes).
Elementary analysis indicates that eight currently active producers of hemp raw materials provide more than 20,000 Israeli patients who need psychoactive hemp on an ongoing basis. Granting licenses for legal cultivation of psychoactive hemp to 26 agricultural producers is aimed at creating conditions for the expansion of psychoactive hemp grown in Israel to countries where the therapeutic use of cannabisa is allowed. In anticipation of the market entry of a significant amount of hemp raw materials, the country is preparing changes in regulations and relevant contracts for the supply of significant quantities of hemp raw materials to countries where the medical use of cannabis is allowed, but there is either not enough hemp raw materials for use by those in need Patients.

Information taken from the site http://tku.org.ua