1 to June 2 in Wesseling (Germany), European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) will be held annually, is already on the account Thirteenth International Conference of European growers. Event organizers are expecting at least 230 participants from all industrialized countries of 5 continents of the planet.

The main focus of the event participants will be on:
- The different ways of using hemp fibers and fires;
- The use of hemp raw materials in biocomposite materials;
- Hemp thermal, acoustic, insulation;
- Use of new technologies hemp construction;
- The use of long and short fiber hemp in the textile and clothing products; - Expanding the range of hemp food products; - The possibility of using cannabidiol in pharmacology.
On the first day of the conference papers will be divided into the following groups:
 International Hemp Industry

Rachele Invernizzi (IT): Updates from Italian Hemp

Patrick Collins (JP): Progress Towards Updating Japan's Hemp Prohibition Law

Rohit Sharma (IN): Direction of Hemp Research in Reference to Indian Context

Oana Suciu (RO): Hempflax in Romania - Growing and Processing Hemp - the Revival of a once successful Industry dormant for the last 25 years

Marijn Roersch van der Hoogte (DE): Results of the Crowdfunding Project for a Hempseed Harvesting Machine

Anndrea Hermann (CN): Industrial Hemp Performance in North Dakota

Claire Thouminot (FR): Hemp Breeding at FNPC

Gianpaolo Grassi (IT): The Breeding Strategy in Italy to solve the critical Points of Industrial Hemp Production

Composites & Bio-based Plastics

Jörg Müssig (DE): The Importance of Hemp Fibre Quality for Industrial CompositeApplications

Pierre Rivard (FR): Influence of Hemp Fibers and Shives Preparation on their Properties and Correlations with Properties of Composite and Concrete

Daniel Pleissner (DE): Valorization of Hemp Residues in Fermentative Lactic Acid Production