It will be especially useful to know especially the application of the biological properties of hemp for food from cannabisa bring maximum benefit to the human body.

The second conferenc day is no less interesting to study the composition and presentation of speakers, than the first. will be particularly useful to know the theme of the reports is not just in the use of cannabis as a food product, and in the application of the biological properties of the plant in order to bring food to the human body to maximum effect. In addition, hemp raw construction industry is developing so fast that in the developed countries have already put the question is not so much about strength indicators, or different criteria comfort of buildings, but also the ability of structures to be curative. Relevant in Europeare the biological properties of the criteria for facilities, their positive impact on the human body, in particular, restores and healing properties of building materials made from hemp raw materials. Performing the second day of the conference the participants are divided into the following

                          Building & Construction

  •       Sylvestre Bertucelli (FR): The Hemp Branch, a sustainable Branch for Building
•       Fred van der Burgh & Sissy Verspeek, Stichting Agrodome (NL): The Developments and Solutions in the    Hemp Building Market in theNetherlands
•       Tom Robinson Adaptavate (UK): BreathABoard - Growing Construction

•       Stephan Piotrowski (DE): Sustainability Implications of Hemp Value Chains

                                      Hemp Food
•       Daniel Kruse (DE): New Data on Hemp Food Market, EU and North-America
•       Luis Sarmento (DE): Update on THC Guidance Values on Food

•       Daniel Kruse (DE):  Market Studies on Food and CBD
•       Michael Stoltz (US): Industrial Hemp derived Cannabinoids & Functional Foods
•       Boris Banas (CZ): Cannabis Extracts and Cannabidiol: several legal Perspectives
•       Isabelle François (FR): Using Supercritical Fluids for the Extraction, Analysis and Purification of Cannabis-          /Hemp-based Natural Therapeutics   
•       Andreas Wuzik (DE): Hemp Extraction & Opportunities
•       Tanja Bagar (SLO): From Farm to Endproduct - The Endocannabinoid System