In 2017, the company's market requires not only the use of cannabis will have to appear in the kostra as a heater or the creation of cannabis monoliths, but also appearance in the market of building products based on the use of technology of prefabricated buildings of any use hempcrete kostroblokov.

Sebastien Vieille - the head of "Vieille Materiaux" company

A feature kostroblokov from hemp kostra is that for them to make the necessary amount, do not need to change the existing industrial facilities or production chains are supplemented with any expensive additional equipment. In the construction season of 2017 the company plans to significantly increase investment, directing them to improve the quality of industrial facilities for the production of energy-efficient building material. In addition, the company's policy will focus on outreach to clients, who currently do not know about the biological characteristics of building materials made of hemp, used in modern construction technologies.
Alain Vieille - Production Director
Hempcrete collected from several building blocks form the basis for the construction of energy-efficient fashion house.
Nicolas Guillaume - responsible for the distribution of the final product
The main task of the builders is to properly install kostrobloki, connecting them together as a reference valve. One of the major innovations in the technology of using hemp kostroblokov compared, for example with a bricklaying it is that hempcrete allows not only to immediately erect the structural elements of the building, but also the same operation erected to insulate the building structure. These features make it much easier for construction or installation work.
Hempcrete from hemp kostra has three main advantages compared to all other building materials.
Control of the humidity in the room - in the case of excessive amounts of vapors inside the building, the wall itself absorbs "unwanted" water and throws it out. Conversely, in the event of extremely dry air in the room hempcrete takes moisture from outside the building and brings it inside the premises.
Soundproofing - compared to all other building analogues hempcrete. Hemp is an extremely effective sound-absorbing building material.
Thermal conductivity - this option in terms of price / quality is extremely effective. For example, a warm-water 30 cm wall hempcrete equivalent to 35-37 centimeter thick walls erected from traditional building materials.
Another parameter that characterizes today stay in any room or building is its comfort and friendliness in relation to the human body. This line hempcrete characteristics of an order of magnitude more effective than traditional building materials. Taking into account the "living" nature of the members of the hempcrete components, the building material is able to "adjust" to the needs of the human body. Taking into account the health and biological characteristics of hemp hempcrete, that he is able to positively influence on the life of a person in the room, which was built from kostroblokov created on the basis of hemp.
Comment of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"
In our country, the construction market, using hemp raw materials for the construction of residential buildings or industrial buildings is still in its infancy. Even 20 years ago, the production capacity existed to allow kostrobloki to produce on an industrial scale, but today they exist as separate elements of the production chain and does not function according to their inherent capabilities. Considering the annual growth areas of industrial technical hemp crops, as well as willingness of individual companies to build capacities for the primary processing of the fibers can be substantially likely to say that already in 2017 the market requires not only the use of cannabis bonfires companies will have to appear as a heater or the creation of hemp monoliths, but also appearance in the market of building products based on the use of technology of prefabricated buildings of any use hempcrete kostroblokov.

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