As a thermal insulation material, plant and surface facilities has been selected hempcrete (hemp fire + lime) are gradually poured into the pre-prepared quick-timbering.


In the production of hemp products used cannabis growers Czech technical hemp with low THC.


Simplify management of business activities, as well as the cancellation of various administrative barriers to the further development of national konoplevodstva - one of the priorities of Canada officials.


Producers of seed in Ukraine should pay attention to the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts with agricultural producers with at least one of the countries represented in this rating - Chile.


In the world campaign for the rehabilitation of cannabis and return the product into circulation. This will improve the economic component and address one of the pressing environmental issues - the question of transition to "green" economy.


Besides traditional recreational areas present in the form of a huge range of products at the exhibition were presented cosmetics, textiles, knitwear, food and a huge amount of medical and pharmacological areas.


Hemp plaster is not only a natural insecticide and pesticide, it perfectly retains heat, moisture resistance, and can adjust the level of humidity inside the building, non-toxic, fire-resistant and in addition has excellent sound insulation properties (the ability to absorb up to 90% of the natural sound).


German experience should be extremely interesting to Ukrainian farmers engaged in the cultivation of industrial hemp cultivation technology due to the fact that the national konoplevodstvo according to the basic laws of dialectics stands on the threshold of the transition of quantitative indicators of growing hemp in the quality of raw materials.


It is worth paying attention to guide national seed companies in the South American market


The structure is designed to be brought together as an electronic communication platform of the global cannabis community where buyers, sellers and other stakeholders of transactions in order to exchange information, to consult, as well as perform various actions related to the purchase / sale of goods and products raw hemp