In 2017, the company's market requires not only the use of cannabis will have to appear in the fires as a heater or the creation of cannabis monoliths, but also appearance in the market of building products based on the use of technology of prefabricated buildings of any use hempcrete kostroblokov.


Revenues from industrial hemp in American reservations in the nearest time will surpass whose performance gaming industry, is actively developing in the territory, with a population of Native Americans in the United States.


Quit with the petition to the relevant public authorities on the need for further harmonization of the legal framework of industrial hemp cultivation with international norms aimed at regulatory support use of leaves and inflorescences of industrial hemp for industrial purposes.


Due to the fact that the hemp industry is growing at an accelerated rate more than 18 thousand new jobs were created in the US state of Colorado.


Cost of English primary processing of hemp plant and market the final product sales (creation of pre-fabricated buildings hempcrete).


It lobbied the above legal act on the one hand allows Australian manufacturers cultivate psychoactive hemp, on the other hand putting the various administrative barriers to the import of a psychoactive raw materials from abroad or precluding the possibility of cultivation of psychoactive hemp is not an Australian company in the "Green continent".


Extremely interesting experience, within which will be made the same therapeutic substances (except for TGC) of beznarkoticheskoy and wild hemp from the Chu Valley.


In 2017 becomes relevant the question of the possibility of using the generated from processing of industrial hemp leaves and inflorescence of substances that have not only hygienic, but also therapeutic, antibacterial, antifungal effect.


Implementation of CBD products is growing every year in the United States over the past few years only due to the fact that the country is gradually canceled various administrative barriers related to the cultivation and processing of hemp.


European Association of Industrial Hemp (EIHA) last week sharply criticized the policies of individual pharmaceutical companies conducting activities aimed at banning the use of cannabidiol in the free market.