The use of natural materials in building structures reduces dependence on fossil human resources, which makes it possible to create a circular economy, in which the earth's resources can be reused.


The conference was attended by representatives of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Academy of Sciences of the province Heilongjiang of China (PRC), the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, public authorities, research and development institutions, educational institutions, agricultural enterprises, commercial firms, associations and associations for the production and processing of bast-fiber materials Ukraine, Lithuania, the people's republic of China - more than 160 people.


VII-th in a row exhibition of cannabis for medicinal herbs will be held from 11 to 13 November in Prague (Czech Republic).


For centuries, hemp developed construction technology, modern construction practices of professionals dealing with this issue in detail, in addition hemp arbolit special additives significantly improve the natural characteristics of environmentally friendly hempcrete - is a synthesis of these three components can guarantee the construction of environmentally friendly buildings, a beneficial effect on the body by its owners.


Cannabinoid tobacco substitutes have become the most popular product on Cannatrade annual exhibition held in Zurich this year.


For the first time in Ukraine initiated konoplevodcheskoe regional event for the exchange of experience between experts from the industry of the western and central regions of Ukraine.


Most Estonian Finnish industrial hemp is grown varieties Finola, but quite significant acreage occupies Ukrainian-grade USO-31, French Santhica 27 and Futura 75.


Entrepreneurs working in the field zoobusiness already are risen makes sense to question the use of cannabis leaves in order to create new products to "our younger brothers", including those that will help them to deal with various diseases.


In large wine hemp future, but on the market at present it is present in an extremely small range and its value compared with other samples, fairly large.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Turkey, will serve as a structure that will be responsible for the development konoplevodstva.