Alcohol and drug US companies are investing heavily in support of the movement against legalizing the use of medical cannabis, fearing the loss of market share of their business.


Another EU region is actively growing and processing industrial hemp crops technical Marlowe becomes a village (Province of Luxembourg).


The market is actively developing a new trend - the use of not only the hemp oil cold pressed from the seeds of hemp and cannabinoid use is oil (hemp oil saturated beznarkoticheskimi cannabinoids).


Countries belonging to the Anglo-Saxon legal family built this all stages of the control system associated with the cultivation, processing and use of psychoactive hemp, where the maximum use competitive advantages of free, but strictly controlled the market of pharmaceutical products based on hemp or raw materials has a significant amount of psychoactive ingredients.


Cannabis is not only extremely highly profitable, but also a universal crop, doing that by investing little money and effort the farmer is able to overlap significant range of issues associated with the cultivation of organic cattle.


7 tons of raw materials and a ton of seeds - a hectare, are results of the experiment


Before you go to the official sale, independent experts conduct microbiological tests, studies on the presence in the plant of heavy metals, the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol.


Demand for hemp seed in Asian countries is so great that even in the case of a country other than the harvest in 2016 will not be able to fully meet its.


The most modern trend of the construction of Europe and the Ukraine is an independent use of hemp for insulation fires already erected buildings and structures.


In addition to the objectives of cannabis use in the cosmetic, medical, product lines, one of the objectives is to reduce the level of violence in the region associated with the use of cannabis on the illegal market.