French agricultural cooperative and the company Faurecia set up a joint venture specializing in the production of hemp biocomposites.


In response to repeated requests from the Canadian government commission responsible for compliance with occupational safety and health standards by management KN Equipements decision was made to take part in minimizing the problem of high intensity acoustic loads that arise during operation of underground ventilation systems.


International experience would be useful Ukrainian scientist who after a relatively short period of time will be able to apply beznarkoticheskie cannabinoids for the treatment of patients in need.


Seed selection and Ukrainian companies are trying to enter the hemp seed market in the world's largest economy. Several Ukrainian bezgashishnoy varieties of cannabis are appropriate certification in certain administrative-territorial units of the United States.


The most important advantage of hemp building materials is that it helps to improve the overall health and physiological comfort of people living in buildings made with hemp ingredients for modern construction technologies.


Belgian experience is important that the plants for use in the medical field must be provided not only to the possibility of applying cannabisa, but also at the level of normative-legal acts to fix the possibility of legal entry into the market of pharmacological raw material containing psychoactive components.


Representatives of Ukrainian brewing companies are closely monitoring the trends of the world market of low-alcoholic drinks, including an active interest in the possibilities of using the seeds or leaves of industrial hemp to create a hemp beer recipes or use hemp raw materials for the production of new brands and brand beloved by many foam low-alcohol drink.


Market extremely interesting variety of composite materials based on natural fibers, especially flax and hemp.


Unable to compete with industrial hemp crops malonarkoticheskoy "greenhouse cultivation" will become a niche product, and apparently will be used solely for under effective control by the state to obtain the desired pharmacological producing psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol


On the Israeli market officially admitted by the state are 8 manufacturers of psychoactive cannabis products supplying about 25 thousand customers, standing at a specialized public accounting.