Manufacturers of technical hemp, with a view to simplifying the conduct of economic activities, are exempt from the need to submit a number of documents to the state.


The project is aimed at a comprehensive study of the effectiveness of various cannabinoids in the therapy of pain syndrome, inflammatory processes of soft tissues, as well as in the treatment of cancer and a number of neurological diseases.


The event is considered one of the biggest events in the market of technical hemp in Europe. In particular, about 300 delegates from 40 economically developed countries of the world will take part in the conference.


The market of therapeutic hemp of Israel for today is estimated at $ 15-20 million, and despite its small size, the government of the country has attracted more than $ 100 million of international investment in this sector.


The introduction of an experimental program to study the properties of cannabisa in the state of New York allows the efforts of individual educational and scientific institutions dealing with the study of plant properties to summarize in order to demonstrate to the maximum number of agricultural producers the possibility of the most profitable agricultural crop.


Company Nature Fibres creates a plant for the processing of hemp raw materials in fact on financial resources provided by state structures.


On March 10, a regulatory act entered into force on the territory of Germany, according to which patients suffering from certain forms of illness can receive psychoactive hemp on the prescription of a doctor.


As a result of the seminar-training, the participants receive a certificate that meets the qualification requirements for business entities specializing in the cultivation of industrial crops of technical hemp, its processing and sale.


In 2016, the crops of technical hemp in Ukraine amounted to about 3,500 hectares. The largest areas were occupied in Sumy, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Poltava and Zhytomyr regions.


Hemp is able to draw molecules of heavy metals from the soil and store them in their tissues. Subsequently, the plant splits these substances into environmentally and human-safe compounds.