Hemp prototype cars from the 40s completely collected and worked on cannabis, while being three times more environmentally friendly than the most advanced electric vehicles on the market today.


Any innovations associated with the development of konoplevodstva worldwide are under close attention of China.


In Estonia, the number of farms is growing rapidly since 2004, growing industrial hemp, the area of industrial crops in the next few years can reach a thousand hectares


Within the framework of industrial research, we want to develop in the first technology industrial hemp cultivation in our country, and secondly processing technology for future use in the textile, food processing, pulp and paper industry


Growers to be quite a long process of lobbying at the level of the national parliament


Employees of the University Pompeu Fabra and Belle Mare Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) believe that the pharmacological market requires the creation of varieties of hemp malonarkoticheskih


This series of laws will be designed to "stop the criminalization of simple cannabis users", as well as open access to Mexican doctors hemp medicine


Oleg Dzisyak said at a briefing that now discusses the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes because of its therapeutic effect in certain diseases of proven international experience.


In the future, medical cannabis should be more available to seriously ill patients, which it really helps


In the United States continues to increase public interest in the medical cannabis, which since April 2016 has become officially available to consumers in 24 states of the country