For the state is the "face" also benefit in terms of passing cleanse the soil, which, if you justify yourself, can be applied to a contaminated land in regions


It will be especially useful to know especially the application of the biological properties of hemp for food from cannabisa bring the maximum benefit to the human body


The event organizers are expecting at least 230 participants from all industrialized countries of 5 continents of the planet


Despite the fact that Canada has facilities for processing "sharpened" to the US market of technical hemp, may decrease crop areas


Officials Wallonia in the last decade offer considerable efforts to not only revive the cultivation of industrial hemp, but also to enter the products produced by growers of the country, in different production chain - from product direction


Recycled psychoactive hemp can be used by patients in the form of pills, creams, patches and oral drops, but stressed that smoking marijuana and its cultivation for personal use is prohibited and illegal.


The Americans have experience in construction of buildings and constructions of cannabis in Texas, North Carolina, Idaho and Hawaii. Before that, they traveled to Europe and watched everything that was out of it built in the UK, France, Belgium


As a result of almost 20 years of work of breeders in Ukraine were created beznarkoticheskie grade cannabis


Pur Chanvre, trying to reach a wider audience of consumers, "launched the" technology to increase retail sales by establishing points of sale of their products


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