In accordance with Annex II / III of the EU Regulation No. 1223/2009 in the cosmetic sphere, CCD can be used without any restrictions.


In the different countries of the world, either there is none at all, or regulation of regulatory and legal activities related to the use of CBD has a fragmentary nature.


Growth in sales of cannabis products to South Korea will continue over the next few years.


The results obtained as a result of this kind of research were so encouraging that all factions of the legislature of the kingdom supported the need for experiments on the use of cannabis for medical purposes.


The relatively high content of cannabidiol in plant biomass of commercial cannabis cultivars allowed for cultivation in the territory of the Russian Federation and the normatively low level of THC in them allow industrial hemp to be considered as a potentially lucrative crop for the production of feedstock for the production of medicinal substances based on cannabidiol.


Hemp building materials can improve the bearing surfaces, which are not only "breathe", but also retain heat in winter and cool in summer without whatever additional financial or energy costs.


If desired, you can create a full-fledged hemp wedding action with products from hemp ingredients, wedding dresses from hemp fabrics, design the wedding ceremony and a restaurant with hemp entourage.


Given the high cost of the German labor force and the absence of a large number of available arable land, a considerable part of raw hemp German entrepreneurs import from neighboring countries in Europe and China.


College opens on the eve of the first season of legal hemp cultivation in the state, ie, American business is trying to at least one step to anticipate the development konoplevodstva by creating the appropriate institutions, conducting market analysis, developing competitive technologies, etc.


In the short term, the country's industry will revive quickly, first of all, filling the domestic market of hemp products.