Several tens of thousands of patients in our country require the use of cannabinoid oil or other means are used in its composition the different components of cannabis, including psychoactive.


Manufactured at the plant production is in demand not only in Belgium but also in most European Union countries.


In Ukraine there are several farms that contain a significant number of cattle and very interested in using the leaves and inflorescence malonarkoticheskoy hemp as an additive or main product supply cows, goats, pigs, rabbits, poultry, etc.


Lecture course is designed for six days, and classes are held three times over 2 days weekend.


For the same type of fiber, there are several technologies for processing hemp trusts, however, given the climatic conditions of Ukraine the most suited to our processors: Traditional, Belgian, French, North American.


The American company has found a highly specialized niche production of exclusive varieties of hemp paper.


Since 2009 konoplevodstvo actively developed in Wallonia. Sown area increased from 120 ha in 2010 to 250 hectares in 2014 and to more than 400 hectares in 2015.


The project represents the courses dealing with the cultivation of industrial hemp, processing and research potential markets hemp products distribution.


Municipal officials konoplevodcheskim create a competitive advantage to companies doing business throughout Oregon.


Our scientists produce for the world market not only industrial hemp varieties that are most effective in the food, cosmetic, bioenergy, the textile sector, but also to "bring to the mountain of" medical grade cannabis malonarkoticheskoy.