In absolute terms, the legal market malonarkoticheskoy hemp in the United States totaled more than $ 5.4 billion in 2015.


Particular attention was paid to the peculiarities bookmark nurseries hybridization conditions of vegetation house and phytotron, the development of cross-breeding schemes used in practical selection of useful mutations.


Legal cannabis market in the US and Canada has consistently demonstrated an increase and reached the 2016 target of $ 6.7 billion, with figures in 2015 by its yield was increased by almost 30%


According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, the country is home to about 28 thousand patients prescriptions to allow purchase and to use psychoactive cannabis as a therapeutic agent on a regular basis.


The country's laws allow for the use of industrial hemp as a medicament only when the plant contains a minimum concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol.


Demand for regenerative farming methods and innovative achievements is growing, so it is a hemp will once again become relevant and necessary for the development of the agrarian culture of the US economy.


Several centuries ago, the recipe hemp vodka "migrated" from the Scythian tribes across the Nordic peoples of the Balkans in Europe, including the Baltic States came to the territory.


Given the national breeding base we can already state that the Ukrainian selection associated with konoplevodstvom again creating breakthrough technologies, unique in the world which does not exist.


The lawsuit in Germany was the starting point in obtaining a permit for the local production of therapeutic cannabis, and consumers in Canada regained the right to grow plants at home for personal use.


The hysteria that arose in the last century around the hemp, does not modern medicine to fully assess the therapeutic potential of this unique plant.