One of the Japanese prefectures on Monday agreed to a total ban on the cultivation of hemp in its territory, including technical, previously used in the area exclusively for industrial purposes.


The negative impact of traditional medicinal preparations pushes doctors in the United States, Israel, Canada and some other countries to write young patients suffering from ADHD hemp because they are convinced that it is a safer alternative for the body of the child.


Hemp biocomposite ten times stronger than glass, lighter than other materials used in aircraft, and above all does not affect the degradation of the environment both during production and during use, and eventually disposal unavoidable.


Part of the activities launched in the last month of the 2016 has become "the cherry on the cake" of annual reports by the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, so let the information about them will be a pleasant surprise New Year.


Expert Committee on Drug Dependence of the World Health Organization plans to prepare the ground for a decision on the possibility of the use of psychoactive hemp beznarkoticheskih and components for medical purposes.


Studies by American scientists suggest that older Americans access to cannabis products (including tetrahydrocannabinol) improves not only the vitality "of people aged", but also makes them more energetic, active and their activity more productive.


On the basis of one of the plants of the French cement giant Lafarge has launched the production of mulch and geotextiles of raw hemp.


Ministry of Health of South Africa Guide published its decision on the transfer of tetrahydrocannabinol from the category of "particularly dangerous psychotropic substances, prohibited circulation" in the category "Psychotropic substance, which is limited to turnover".


On the territory of the country allowed the cultivation, processing and sale of industrial hemp, where the number of psychoactive substances does not exceed 0.3%.


All design professionals Russian military complex promylennogo unlike similar already used in NATO countries are divided about the current realities - there is not enough resource base, practically destroyed both primary and deep processing.