Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of therapeutic cannabis can prevent neuronal damage, the lack of which leads to problems with motor function in Parkinson's disease. Prevention of neuronal damage can slow the progression of Parkinson's disease.


The Ministry of Health of the country fully supports the development of this promising market with a view to creating jobs and improving the life of society.


Hemp arbolit used for thermal insulation of walls and roof received a classification indicating the possibility of holding a long exposure to an open flame, as well as blocking its further spread, with extremely low smoke generation and zero emission flaming droplets or particles.


Developments on the use of hemp packing actively introduced for the manufacture of packaging materials in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and other developed countries in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.


US Industrial Hemp Association argues that the use of cannabinoids beznarkoticheskih in various areas of management is legitimate.


Ukrainian breeders have created varieties of industrial hemp, which if permitted for industrial crops THC level, the amount is a few percent cannabidiol.


Another "do not run" national industry, aimed at medical use of industrial hemp, are trying to destroy the outside in the bud.


We consider not only the increase in the number of jobs and additional revenue funds to the budgets of different levels, but also the possibility of "launching" of other kinds of related activities, in particular the development of "medical tourism".


In 2016 the project was awarded in the competition of innovations Jardins Jardin Design.


Hemp Museum could become a new economic lever of regional development, the ability to attract tourists and their money.