Breeding work

Focuses on new industrial hemp varieties production development and registered varieties’ performance improvement in such areas:

- Cannabidol (CBD) concentration increasing under narcotic activity threshold maintenance no more than 0,08% of THC;

- Drug-free hemp varieties fiber improvement (over 34%);

- The development of varieties in bioenergetics area of usage (high stem biomass);

- High-oleic (over 34%) varieties development in grain area of focus.

Seed production work

- Selection hemp varieties primary seed breeding with economic characters maintenance and fixation in the reproducing from original seeds to the 2ndreproductionprocess;

-  Compliance with seed meeting specifications requirements guaranteeing high seeds’ sowing qualities;

- Long experience of cooperation with seed material consumers in the countries in Asia, North America, Africa and Australia;

- Matured export operations experience in considerable seed grain volumes delivery to the customer.